Our Story

Service or Privacy   Please  was conceived, created and is proudly made in Las Vegas, NV, internationally known as the service and entertainment capital of the world.

The company origins come from one of the founder’s growing frustrations over his years of going out with friends, loved ones and business associates and constantly having his privacy invaded by oblivious servers or having those same servers disappear at the exact time a check or other service need is wanted.

The product line was created for an industry that is resistant to change, especially when that change would go against decades of restaurant and bar patrons firmly accepting the   “Status Quo”  of paying for whatever Service or Privacy they get, even if it is unacceptable.

In other words, the public supports an entire industry where the customers can be expected to send back their food or drink order if the quality isn’t what was expected, but when it comes to their Service or Privacy, no matter the quality, they still pay for it. To us, that is something that defies logic.

That is a primary reason why we made the decision to create a solution to a problem that most of us face at one time or another. A simple solution that can be sold directly to the consumer for the Bar and Restaurant Industry has little motivation to do anything about it.

As we began creating our line, immediately we knew plasma screens need not apply. Our goal was to create a personal line of classy, portable and highly visible Service or Privacy request signs, which can be placed on almost any restaurant or bar top. With over 25 million areas of this type in the USA alone, that is a lot of locations!

In the beginning, we went through several mock-ups and prototypes to figure out what would work best for both the consumer and server. After exploring several avenues of design, we narrowed our decision to our current product.

Once our first sample prototypes were made, we took the concept to the front lines, here in Las Vegas to engage with servers in restaurants and bars. We came away with some interesting and surprising feedback.

First:  There was almost universal agreement that our type of product was very much needed and “welcomed”. It was the “welcomed” part that surprised us, for we thought there would be some resistance. There wasn’t.

We often heard from servers who told us if there was a way for them to know of the service or privacy preferences of their customers, it would be a Win-Win, better service/privacy for their customers which would mean better tips for the servers.

Second:  As we began making mock-ups and prototypes, several servers pointed out what it was that would work best from their perspective and view. We realized that the best product to be seen would be a two-sided sign that would be able to address a customer’s specific service or privacy needs.

We took that most important feedback and eventually came up with our custom sized, leather looking, durable, two-sided sign holder, that collapses to the size of a small wallet making it very portable.

In printing the signs in pairs, with each half of a pair printed both on sides, all signs can be easily configured three diverse ways; Service on one side with Privacy on the other side OR Service on both sides or Privacy on both sides. The servers welcomed this concept too.

Finally:  We heard from many servers that we needed to produce a line that would be visually appealing, classy in appearance; ( NOT tacky or electronic or cheap looking) and with a variety of designs to appeal to almost anyone.

That lead us to create several “Lifestyle Design Categories” which we have been creating numerous functional signs for. Presently, we are offering over 250 designs with more coming.

We also have built in an almost seamless and very inexpensive process to customize any design with a name and/or logo for a very small upcharge, making the line that much more personal and appealing to the individual making the purchase.

Our first product line is a retail product that we are offering two ways: Packaged “Just for You” or packaged as “The Ultimate Gift of Service or Privacy” which features the product and signs packaged in a classy gift box and mailed in a virtually indestructible box, ensuring safe delivery, almost anywhere in the world.